Play the Ratatouille Video Game

Ratatouille is an Video Game based on the Pixar film Ratatouille. We like it so much and have received so many requests to bring this game back that we’ve decided to put it on our homepage. The video game allows you to pickup different ingredients for making meals. Play it for free here:

The Ratatouille Video Game released by Pixar got popular very quickly similar to the movie. The game allows the player to extend into areas not seen in the movie. You can play the game as Remy a rat that is living on a farm in the country. The rat (Remy) dreams of becoming a world recognized chef and apprentices to a kitchen in the city of Paris after becoming the friend of a young boy.

The Ratatouille Video Game is mission based – meaning that you must complete stages before you can advance to the next stage. The game can also be played as a multi-player head to head game. The main goal of the game is to learn how to operate in a chef kitchen and create amazing meals. In the game Remy the mouse must impress the food critic and open his own restaurant.